Monday, November 15, 2010

Where would you like to eat turkey?

With Thanksgiving coming up right around the corner, I have been thinking about my dining room and how I can make it a cozy comfy place where my family will just want to linger awhile after dinner.  I always get great inspiration from looking at pictures, so I hit the internet and did some digging.  I would love to eat my turkey dinner in any of these beautiful rooms and linger for a long time afterwards.....

I love the luxurious silk window treatments and the chairs on the ends of the tables are so gorgeous!

The chandy is a show stopper in this one!  I love a round table and I think I could live in those comfy chairs.... Also, how about the urn on the table?  Love..

This one might be my fave!  I love the wood on the walls (maybe mahogany?), the green upholstered chairs, round table and feathers on top!  I am definitely using feathers in my Thanksgiving arrangement - I've been inspired.

This room is bright and cheery and out of the norm for me.  I usually go for darker, warm colors (see above!).  However, I really love the white table, the chairs at the ends, and the rug.  This has such an eclectic yet welcoming look.  I'd love to tour the rest of the house - wouldn't you?

Brick wall, leather seats, bring on the turkey and dressing!

Chalk board in the dining room!?  Loooove it!  I have been a bit obsessed with chalkboards lately (I will be blogging about this obsession at some point.)  I also love the light fixture and the numbers on the chairs.

This room says - bring on the crowd!  I would love to have a dining room that could seat this many people (mine is on the small side).  Love the blue, the ceiling, the french doors and that looong rustic table!  Wine anyone?

OMG - look at those dark gray walls and the gray chairs!  I love how the gold frames of the artwork pop against that color.  also notice the arched doorway - fabulous!

Green ceiling, beautiful molding, white table and chairs - what a unique and lovely dining room!

Stained wood cathedral ceiling, to-die-for chandy, gorgeous chairs, round table, surrounded by the great outdoors and a cute puppy thrown in  the mix?  Yes, please!

Elegant chandelier, fringed window treatments, comfy chairs and another round it all!

I hope you enjoyed this episode of "Where would you like to eat turkey?"!  I will be posting 30 for 30 pictures tonight.  I just realized my husband has my camera in his car and it has all of my pictures on it - oops!

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  1. Fab round up!! Since we no-no have a dining room, I'm espesh feelin' your faves. I got my eye on that farmhouse table.