Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Unexpected Color Combo.......

Sometimes you find inspiration in unexpected places.  Yesterday I bought a new home magazine because it had a fabulous cover:

I bought it after my workout and before I got dressed for the day. I did not have a chance to look at it until late in the day and I really did not give it another thought.  Then, I went home and pulled this outfit together:

blazer - probably 4 years old
jeans - Loft
turquoise shirt - Loft
necklace - Premiere Designs
desert booties - Voila!  at endless.com

I was looking at the magazine late in the afternoon with my friend Aimee and she asked if I got the color combination from the magazine cover.  I never thought about it!  But, I guess in the back of my mind, the magazine cover was there and voila, I find myself wearing the same colors!  Isn't it funny how little things help make our outfit choices?


  1. Love the color combo! You never know where inspiration will come from sometimes!

  2. Very nice color combo, it looks so pretty on you! I'm pretty sure I do that too, the things I see around me inpire me without me even knowing it, only later will I realize what had inspired me!
    Thank you so much for linking up with Jewelscapes Bejeweled Wednesdays!