Wednesday, November 10, 2010

3/30.....Can you define casual chic?

I love this outfit!  It's really a no brainer - white t-shirt, jeans, cardi and boots - but I love that the cardi is long and the jeans are long (almost drag the floor), and the boots give me a little height, and then I added the striped scarf for to add some POW!  To me, this outfit defines casual chic.  What is your definition?

white t-shirt - Kohls (Vera)
jeans - Loft
olive long cardi - Forever 21
boots - Ecco
striped scarf - Handpicked


  1. I love this look!! That scarf is great!

  2. This is definitely casual chic...I'm not sure what my definition would be tho....probably any outfit that could easily be worn to watch a sporting event but dressy enough that you quite obviously couldn't play a sport while wearing it..haha
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  3. Jeans & tee are my weekend go to pieces. Great look, I especially love the scarf!

  4. The olive color of the cardi is fantastic--it would go with anything! But the olive cardi with the camel boots and grey/white scarf is an awesome example of mixing neutrals--looks great!

  5. Love the scarf. It makes the outfit.
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  6. not sure what my definition would be, but this look would definitely fall within the parameters. well done!


  7. Very very cute scarf and great outfit!