Thursday, November 11, 2010

4/30..What have I gotten myself into?

Okay, so we are on day 4 and I am already looking at other items in my closet and wanting to wear them.   The not shopping part has not been hard this week, but I keep seeing things I already own and want to put them on.   What have I gotten myself into?   I need to snap out of it - I can do this!   Here we go, outfit numero cuatro:

dolman sweater - Loft (a few seasons ago)
striped t-shirt - Target
skinny jeans - Old Navy
boots - Nine West
necklace - a gift

I really do like this outfit.   The dolman sleeve sweater always makes me feel fashionable and current, and I am all about some stripes lately!   I actually wore this yesterday and it was great for running around with the kids after school.   (Not litterally running - that would mean excercise clothes.   I mean running errands and doing stuff, like in a car.  Explained enough?).   And now, off to figure what I will wear today!


  1. You look great! I want to do the challenge on my own next month to celebrate turning 30 but I'm nervous!!

  2. Ooohhh, love this outfit. I always like seeing how people layer their clothing, and I love the dolman sleeves over the striped tee. So cute!


  3. I'm with Shannan - adore the sweater over the striped top!