Thursday, November 4, 2010

Missoni zigzag

What!?  2 posts in one morning!  I am on a roll......

Lately I have been  obsessing over the Missoni zigzag pattern.  I just love the colors and textures of Missoni clothing.  It seems to be everywhere:

On Katie Holmes:

On George's girlfriend: 

On Vanessa:

On Fergie:

And on Nicole:
 So here are some of my Missoni favs:

Of course, I can't afford any of those, so......
Here are some looks for less:


  1. I'm with you 100%, totally obsessed with Missoni's knits - so beautiful!!!

  2. Does Handpicked still have the Missoni knockoff scarves? How 'bout Fergie-Ferg lookin' so hat-tastic? It's catchin'.

  3. I have not seen one at Handpicked - might have to go back and see....

  4. These are some great alternative looks, especially that last skirt. I just purchased a real Missoni scarf on ebay for $30, and I've been wearing it everywhere!