Friday, December 24, 2010

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Inspiration from 2 fabulous bloggers....

Yesterday the boys and I had a few errands to run around town.  When it came time to get dressed, I looked into my closet and drew inspiration from two of my favorite bloggers:

Kendi Everyday

and Jill at Good Life for Less

I pulled out my black maxi dress and styled it my way:

maxi dress - Old Navy
striped t-shirt - Target
sweater - Kohls
boots - Ecco
necklace - Francescas
belt - Loft

I felt like I was wearing my night gown all day and the hygienist at the dentist office said she liked my outfit.  Comfort and a compliment - score!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Comfy looks for the holidays.....

So it's almost time to come in from the hustle and bustle, hunker down by the fire and spend time with family.  The parties are almost over, the eating will continue, it's cold outside, and we need warm, cozy clothes to lounge in!  I put together some dream outfits that I would love to hang out at home in (or anywhere for that matter!)....

Do you have a favorite lounging around outfit?

Monday, December 20, 2010

Hangin' with the boys

Ahh, Christmas early morning rush to school, no homework in the afternoon and no early bedtimes.  Just good ole relaxation with my 2 favorite boys.  I love these 2 weeks - my Christmas hustle and bustle is over (if it ain't bought now, it ain't going to get bought!) and now we just wait for the big Christmas morning to arrive.  We are going to take our time, wrap some presents, play some games, do some baking, watch movies, and whatever else comes to mind while I'm hangin' with the boys.  This morning I put on my softest pair of pants and a cozy sweater - perfect for the first day of Christmas vacation.....

sweater -Loft
pants - Loft
t-shirt - Target
shoes - Very Volatile
necklace - Handpicked

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Images of Christmas

As we get closer to Christmas, I love looking at all the beautiful images of homes out there, each one celebrating Christmas in their own personal style.  Here are some of my favorites that I have come across:

I love the touch of light blue in this one - so fresh!

 This room is so modern and clean!

I love the fresh greenery!

 Cute reindeer in the fireplace - Santa can't get burned going down this chimney!

So girly and lovely....

 Very simple and I love those chairs - Santa, I would like these chairs for Christmas.  I have been good, I promise!

Shabby chic with some glam thrown in....

 More fresh and natural....

I always love traditional red and green!

 Wreaths on every single little window - does that make a statement or what!?