Friday, November 12, 2010


How do you like my new word?   I think it should be added to Webster:

furtastic - The sensation of feeling fantastic while wearing fur.

I shall use it in a sentence now.   I felt so furtastic when I wore my fur vest yesterday.   Feel free to use my new word as you wish!    I wore this out and about yesterday and then to a jewelry/monogram bag party last night.   Let me tell ya, a fur vest paired with some kick ass boots can make you feel like you can take on the world!   I wouldn't have even stood in my way yesterday!   You should definitely give this look a try!

Notice Charlie, our little yorkie poo, watching me.  "What are you doing, Mom?"

vest - Old Navy
navy t-shirt - Target
jeans - Loft
boots - Ecco
necklace - Francescas
ring - Target


  1. When fur vests furs came in stlye I was a little uncertain...but now I can't get enough of them!! They instantly make an outfit fabulous!

  2. The vest looks great. I love that long necklace with it as well.