Monday, October 25, 2010


Welcome to a new week!   I hope you had a great weekend.   Have you guys noticed all the stripes going on out there?   They were big this summer and they are still going strong for the fall.   I just love them!  In fact, I love them so much I have to make myself  NOT  buy another striped shirt when I see one.   Well, as you can in this outfit that I failed miserably at not buying another striped shirt!   But, you see, this is a sweater really, not a shirt.   And it's longer than those other striped shirts I already own so I can belt it.   And it has cute cap sleeves and is comfortable and I can wear it with leggings and and......well, you see why I had to buy it.  Oh yeah, and it was on sale!   Welcome home new striped shirt/sweater!

striped sweater - Gap
boyfriend jeans - Target
brown leather belt - old as the hills
sandals - Payless
necklace - Kohls

Side note:  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOM!  I love you!

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