Friday, October 22, 2010

Can I have a chain saw?

Happy Friday everyone!  So this morning I was driving the boys to school and little G (my 6 year old) says, "Mom, when I'm 18 can I get a chain saw?"  After pondering this for half a second I said, "Um, no."  Nuff said.   Where do these questions come from!?  Have we ever even talked about a chain saw?  Part of the beauty of having kids is that at any given moment they can come up with the most bizarre, outrageous questions or comments and you just have to stay on your toes.  Then, I dropped them off, turned up the radio, this song was playing and I knew it was going to be a great day!:

So, on to an outfit!  Last week we had a warm, but breezy day.  I put this outfit on without the cardi and it was pretty blah.  Then I added a pop of color with the cardigan and voila!  It changed the whole outfit and gave it some pow!  Sometimes adding one thing can change the whole look of an outfit!

cardigan - Loft
jeans - Loft
t-shirt - J. Crew
necklace - Handpicked
wedges - Nine West

 I had to add this last picture....look at our adorable puppy.  Can you see him on the other side of the screen doo?.  He hangs around me all the time, so even if he does make it into the pictures, he is somewhere close by!


  1. Can this PUH-LEASE be a daily blog feature? A little Public Enemy on Monday, 'kay?
    I'm pretty sho' I've had the chainsaw convy myself.

  2. I am so happy to have found your blog! It's adorable and so is that outfit! You have a happy new follower!

    P.S. I love old jams like OPP - I would be one happy camper listening to that on the way to work!

  3. Thanks Kelly! I appreciate the sweet comment!

  4. Adorable outfit and puppy!! Have a great weekend!