Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Mixture of Textures

So on another warm fall day in the South I decided to play around with different textures in my outfit.  I have sheer, flowy fabric on top, cords on the bottom and I threw in some leather and snakeskin for kicks.  On these days when we can't bring out out new warm gear yet, I say look at your old clothing in a new way.  Experiment, try new ways to wear old frocks and have fun!

Top - Loft
Cords - Old Navy
belt - Loft
necklace - Franscesca's
sandals - payless

What do you think?  Will you experiment with your textures?


  1. i just love that belt!! and i'm such a fan of that grayish-blue color. i got no rhymes today.

  2. I love it, we have to mix these textures living down here for sure. This is a tough time of year, with 40 degree mornings and 80 degree afternoons!!! Great job!

  3. This is my favorite outfit!! I finally got on here as a member so I could post! haha

  4. Thanks Lucy! This is my favorite too! Welcome as a follower:)