Thursday, October 7, 2010

The One Item Update

If you could choose one item to update your fall wardrobe, what would it be?  I know, there are so many to choose from!  Mine would have to be the blazer.  There are endless possibilities of ways to wear it!  You can dress it up for work, cocktails, church, or dress it down for Saturday shopping.  It is also a great layering piece - so perfect for those cooler fall mornings when there's a chill in the air;  then take it off when the temp rises in the afternoon and you are standing around at school waiting to pick up the kids!  This is how I styled my new Tarjay blazer yesterday.  A great day of going to the mall with my girl Ames, then to lunch, then picking up the boys and doing homework.  I was so comfortable all day and felt fashionable at the same time!

Blazer - Tarjay
t-shirt- the Loft
skinny cargos - the Loft
silver flats - the Loft (2 seasons ago)
necklace - gifted (thanks Amy!)

When it gets a little colder here I will definitely wear this outfit with boots!  Won't that look tres chic!

How are you updating your wardrobe this season?


  1. I love the way "le blazer" can pull together the most humble of jeans and t-shirts. The Zoe would die today, I'm sure.

  2. Super cute, adore the shoes! I got a super deal on a black blazer at the Gap earlier in the year (was $88 got it on super sale for $14!). Time to wear it!!!