Thursday, October 28, 2010


I am not normally a frilly, romantic-style, victorian kind of girl, but I have to admit - I love the lace trend going on right now!   Especially the lace tops in neutral colors.   It looks so "Anthropologie", and vintage.   I found this top in the Juniors department at Kohls a couple of months ago.   I don't normally shop in that department, but I spotted this cream colored lace hanging on the wall and I had to try it on.   To my surprise, I loved how it fit and looked.   It was pretty hot here yesterday, so I wore it without anything layered on top, but just think of all the possibilities - lace peeking out from cardigans, blazers and jackets, oh my!   What a great way to add some interest to your wardrobe!

top - Kohls
trouser jeans - Loft (several seasons ago)
sandals - Target
watch - Premier Designs
necklace - Francescas

Here are some other lacey top possibilities:


  1. Love this top and looks great on you.
    I am a fashion mommy blogger as well. Come check it out (go past the halloween posts please to see the real me)...

  2. You look great,this is so pretty! Love the necklace too. I just clicked on the F21 lace top you found, got to check that prettiness out.