Friday, October 1, 2010

The perfect shirt.....

Have you ever found The One? You know, that one perfect shirt that fits great, feels good, is beautiful, and you get compliments every time you wear it? Well, I did! And at Tarjay of all places. I found this tunic a couple of months ago. I was casually walking through the clothing section and all of the sudden my eyes fell upon it. It was smiling back at me, taunting me, asking, "Would you like to get a dressing room?" Yes! So we went into the room, locked the door, and I put on this tunic that had been seducing me. Love - immediately.......I asked for its hand in marriage and we have lived happily ever after.
I hope you have a piece in your closet that makes you feel as good as this one does me. I could live in this tunic. It is the perfect weight for year round wearing, it is loose enough that I can do anyting thing in it, yet fitted enought to give me shape. It has great quarter length sleeves and fabulous beading at the neckline It's pefect!

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  1. Oh I bought this a few months ago and then returned it (I have way too many tunics). It is divine, it looks so high end. Looks fabulous on you!