Thursday, October 21, 2010

Comfy Casual

Earlier this morning I had a very important event to attend so I needed to throw on something very quick, casual, and comfy.  The very important event was my third grader's dictionary word parade!  Each student in the third grade was assigned a word and they had to dress up like the definition of the word.  For example, my son's word was "victorious", so he wore a basketball uniform and carried a trophy.  The kids paraded around the school and then met up with each other to discuss their words.  What a fun way to increase their vocabularies!  Here is J all dressed up:

And here is my comfy casual outfit:

tunic - Loft
jeans - Loft
boots - Loft
(am I adverstising for the Loft today or what!)

I just love the beading detail of this tunic!

These boots are about 4 years old and I just love them!  They are the perfect height and color!