Friday, October 29, 2010

Where's my eye patch?

Happy Friday!   I hope everyone is ready for a fun-filled Halloween weekend !  After I dropped the boys off at school this morning, this oldie but goodie came on the radio and took me back in time.   This one is for you Amy!

Found at: FilesTube
You've got to love Will Smith!

So I was looking at photos of this outfit that I wore the other day and one thing kept creeping in my mind....pirate!  I had no intention of looking like a pirate when I put it on, but I do have elements of a pirate costume - the striped shirt, the boots, the eye patch (I kid!).   Anyway, I really do like this outfit.   I love that I am wearing 3 of my favorite trends of the season...stripes, skinny cargos and boots!

striped t-shirt - Target
skinny cargos - Forever 21
boots - Ninewest
belt - Gap
necklace - a hand me down from a friend:)

Happy Halloween everyone!   Have fun and be safe!

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  1. I so enjoy these Friday jams! I'll be kickin' it pirate chic this weekend, too. Word.