Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The snood

Have you ever wanted to wear your summer tunic in the winter, but thought it was just to summery (I love making up words!)?  I have a solution!  Put a tank top underneath and throw on a snood?  What the heck is a snood you ask?  I had to look that one up myself, so let's all learn the word together, shall we?

From :

"What is a snood do you ask?  The snood is a form of neck wear that can be worn like a scarf or pulled over the hair and lower face."

In my neck of the woods, we call it a circle scarf or infinity scarf - but isn't it fun to call it a snood!?  Here is my tunic with a snood:

snood - Loft
tunic - Target
jeans - Gap
boots - Ecco

If you want to purchase your own snood, these are some great options:

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