Tuesday, December 7, 2010

25/30 The Belted Scarf

Oh my gosh - only 5 more outfits to go! Yahoo!  I must admit, I have wanted to quit this challenge on several occassions, but alas, I am not a quitter!  So, when I picked out this outfit I reached deep into my creative brain and  tried to think about styles I have not yet tried.  That's when I remembered the belted scarf!  I am probably the last blogger to try this look, but here is my version:

sweater - Loft
striped t-shirt - Target
skinny jeans - Old Navy
boots - Nine West
scarf - do not know
belt - Gap
jacket - TJ Maxx

This outfit was great of going out to the mall and getting some of my Christmas shopping done.  I could walk all day in these flat heeled boots!  What shoes or boots do you like to wear for a day of shopping?

1 comment:

  1. Love the belted scarf! (And shhhh....I haven't worn it yet either...)

    I'm a ballet flats girl when it comes to shopping. Unless it's a TOMS kind of day! But that's also because I've been searching forever for the perfect pair of comfy flat boots, so I'm jealous that you have some that get you through a shopping expedition.