Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I shopped and it felt so good!

Yes, since the 30 for 30 challenge ended, I have shopped - and it felt good!  Now, I didn't go all crazy, buying everything in site.  It is Christmas after all and we have two little boys who are anxiously awaiting Santa's arrival, so there are limits.  I did, however, find this cozy little shrug at the Loft that I plan on wearing until it falls apart!  I am in love!  This baby looks good thrown over everything!  Instant update to your wardrobe - you gotta love that!

shrug - Loft
cream t-shirt - Loft
jeans - Old navy
boots - Ecco
necklace - Handpicked

Notice I am still reaching for my skinny jeans and boots - can't seem to get away from those guys!

Here are some shrug options for you:


  1. I have never been a big Loft shopper, but I went in there recently and couldn't STOP finding cute stuff. In fact, I have been going to Loft online to their "Looks We Love" section for tons of styling inspiration. The outfit I have on today is copied directly from there (it'll post tomorrow). Love love LOVE your sweater.

    Oh, also, if you're in a shopping mood - do NOT go to Piperlime, and specifically do NOT go to their "Girl on a Budget" section. I'm just sayin...


  2. I can't believe you just made me go there, Shannan! Heaven!

  3. Great outfit, love the shrug and love that necklace!

    Jewelscapes Bejeweled WEdnesdays at jewelscapes.blogspot.com

  4. Loving the necklace and shrug! Fab!