Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Playful patterns......

I am not one to mix my patterns.  I know that it is fine to do, lots of people do it, mixing and matching patterns creates interest, yada, yada, yada.  Still, I don't do it.  I have tried, but  it always turns out looking ridiculous, and I change.  But, yesterday I had a change of heart.  I mixed a couple of patterns that I could live with; look cute in even.  It all started with a shirt with small polka dots.  It's a spring time shirt so I layered it over a t-shirt for warmth.  Then, my neck was still cold, not to mention the outfit was sort of boring so I brought out a scarf with stripes.  Yes, stripes I said.  Another pattern!  I wrapped it around my neck and I thought, hey!  that's not ridiculous, that's cute!  And just like that I stepped out of the box.

t-shirt - Kohls
polka dot shirt - Loft
jeans - Loft
scarf - Target
boots - Ecco

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