Monday, January 24, 2011

Did some strippin' this weekend!

No, not that kind of stripping!  My husband and I decided to strip the wallpaper in the downstairs bath!  It was way overdue.  The paper wasn't terrible, but the guy that put the wallpaper up papered around our hideous light fixture instead of removing it, making it impossible to replace the light fixture without changing the walls.  Note to wallpaper installers:  Remove light fixtures before applying the wallpaper!  So, the bathroom is in the process of getting a complete makeover!  I will try to show before and after pictures when we're done!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!  Along with being productive, we watched the boys play their upward basketball games on Saturday morning and had dinner at our friend's house on Saturday night.  It was a great weekend involving productivity, a chance to cheer the kids on and socializing with friends on top of that!

This is the outfit I wore to rumage through the jewelries at the Handpicked warehouse sale this weekend.  I had to be warm and comfort - it was cold in there and we were on a our feet the whole time!

skinny cargos - Forever 21
white t - Kohls
sweater - Loft
circle scarf - loft
flat shoes - Nine West

And now, some of my spoils from the warehouse sale:

Yeah, baby!!


  1. I love those cargos! I'm missing wearing mine (in the middle of 30x30 remix challenge and mine aren't included).

  2. Ooooh, you got some good stuff! Adore that necklace. Love the cargos and shoes! Cute!