Thursday, January 20, 2011

Don't hate me because I'm beautiful!

Sorry that I have let posting go for several days.  I am trying to get back into the swing of things and sometimes, you just need a break from picture taking and writing:)  Anyway, my friend, Lucy, asked me to do a post about what I wear to work out.  I told her that it ain't purty, but here it is - bare faced and everything!  Am I a brave soul or what?! Since the new year, my friend Amy and I have been doing this fitness challenge that I blogged about so we are running outdoors most of the time.  Usually the temperature is around 40 degrees, so we bundle up and go at it.  We now have a new runner joining us, our friend Aimee.  (I know, I have a lot of friends named Amy with different spellings - it's confusing!)  This morning we ran across the Lake Murray dam - beautiful setting, but a bit breezy.  This is what I wore:

 Slo-mo action shot:

I pity the fool that messes with me!  (You should hear the theme music to Rocky in your heads):

So here's the breakdown - start with a great jog bra (I order mine from Roadrunners Sports and Title Nine - this is most important because the girls need support!), layer on a dri-fit shirt, and then layer a looser fleece, zip jacket, or something like that.  I wear dri-fit pants from Nike (they are my faves), and hat or something over your ears is a must if it's in the low 40s.  Of course, a pair of good running shoes is also needed - mine are Asics and I really like them.  When I go to the gym, I pretty much wear the same thing minus the jacket and hat.  

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  1. you are the bomb diggity.
    love the title, too.