Thursday, January 6, 2011

Just Dance!

Have you played "Just Dance" yet?  The boys got "Just Dance 2"  for Christmas and it is, hands down, my favorite video game evah!  I could dance to that game for hours!  And I  promise, there is no greater joy than watching your children trying to keep up with the dance moves, and there is nothing funnier than watching your husband make a fool of himself!  I highly recommend this form of entertainment - cheap, funny, and you get exercise.  Just Dance!

This outfit is very "The Daybook"  to me.  If you haven't checked out the adorable Sydney, you should!  She is young, but her style is uh-mazing!

shirt - American Eagle found at TJ Maxx
shrug sweater - Loft
cargos - Loft
boots - Ecco
belt - old

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