Monday, January 17, 2011

The little skirt that could....

Well, it's the start of a new week and I am still at home with the kids.  Are they ever going back to school?  As you know, it is Martin Luther King Jr. Day so schools are closed and we are home.  I am still trying hard to live in the present (remember my New Year's Resolution?)  but enough is enough.  I cannot wait for tomorrow when I drop those two adorable, loving, wild and energetic boys off at school and come home to peace and quiet.  That's not exactly living in the moment of today is it?  Yes, back to today.  When I finish this post, I am going to get some exercise by battling the boys with a Just Dance competition and then we might go for a bike ride to get some fresh air.  There, I did it!  Back in the present!

However, I do need to travel back to yesterday for a moment.  I have been handed down by my friend Amy, THE skirt of the fall and winter.  I think every blogger in the blogosphere has it, and now, so do I!  Amy decided it was too short for her (she is way tall and I am way short) so I was the fortunate recipient of the hand me down.  I wore the skirt to church yesterday and this is how I styled it:

skirt - Target
sweater - Loft
t-shirt - Kohls
skinny belt - don't know
shoes - Talbots
necklace - Handpicked


  1. It looks a trillion times better on you!
    Wear it well.

  2. Great skirt to inherit. You'll have TONS of use of it.