Thursday, September 23, 2010

What do you wear when you exercise?

What do you wear when you exercise? Do you wear baggy t-shirts with no shape and your husband's gym shorts? Doesn't all of that excess material make you hot? Put something on that fits, ladies. Show off your shape (no matter how big or little you are)! Be proud that you are out there moving around, getting your heart rate up and doing something good for your health! Do you know what the benefit of wearing workout clothes that fit is? YOU WILL WORK OUT HARDER! Trust me on this! When you see those arms pumping iron and muscles starting to bulge slightly, you will pick up heavier weights! You will do a few more jumping jacks. You will run 5 more minutes on the treadmill. You will begin to like what you see! I have a workout "uniform" that I typically wear and it is by no means spandex from head to toe. My typical outfits consists of Nike running shorts and a fitted tank top with a jog bra underneath. Is that revealing? No! But I can see just enough of my muscles to make me try harder. Go ahead, give it a try! Let me know what happens!

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