Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Saddlebags....and I don't mean the the extra pounds on your buttocks!

What kind of bag will you be carrying this fall? Have you thought about it? It seems like each season I obsess over a particular kind of handbag that I must have! That would be all well and good if I had an unlimited budget, which I don't. So, I put a $50 limit on my purchase and start the search! Sometimes I find it and some times I don't, but I do enjoy a good hunt:)

This fall I am obsessing over saddlebags. This is my fantasy bag:

It is by Free People, and at $998 it isn't quite within my budget (unless I have won the lottery and just don't know it!). I just love the warm, rich saddle brown color and I can just feel the buttery leather. Everything about it says fall!

These are some other great options, all around $150:

By Lucky

by Fossil

by Patricia Nash

by Fossil

I have yet to find one for $50, but this week I will be searching at TJ Maxx, on Ebay, and other places online. If you happen to see one let me know!

I would love to know what you will be carrying! Please leave a comment and tell me what you are obsessing over!

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