Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hot Falls in the South

I have been reading a lot of fashion blogs lately, and I am so envious of the clothes these ladies are able to wear this time of year. Apparently, they all live up North where they actually have cool temperatures in the fall. They get to cozy up in their jeggings and long cardis, bring out the boots and the clogs and jazz it all up with their statement jewelry. Me!? Oh no, it's still hot as hell down here in South Carolina and guess what we are wearing.....the same clothes were wore in July! Oh yes, it's still maxi dresses and sandals for us! Oh how I long for the days when we get to pull on our sweaters and warm up to a fire with hot chocolate (or a glass of wine in my case). But for now, the best we can do is tone down our summer colors a bit while we are waiting for that transition into fall. Perhaps a rust color maxi with bronze sandals, a beige, flowy sleeveless top with jeans, and of course, we will add our statement jewelry!

1 comment:

  1. welcome to the blogosphere!! i'm crushing on this bracelet and wedges, but still holding out for the fur vest look :)