Sunday, September 26, 2010


How was your weekend? I have to say, mine was fabulous! A couple of weekends ago, I turned an , um, certain age, and my sweet husband took me to Charleston for the weekend to celebrate. We had a nice, relaxing time, ate good food, did some shopping, etc. But, I haven't had a chance to celebrate with my peeps at home. So, we reserved a room at a nice Italian restaurant in town for Saturday night, invited all of our friends to join us and got dressed up:

oops! - must work on necklace placement!

blazer - old as the hills from my working days
shirt - Kohls
jeggings - Old Navy
wedges - Shoe Dept
bracelets - Handpicked
necklace - Premiere Designs
ring - Tarjay

there! necklace placement much better!

Then, my husband and I went to pick up another couple to ride with us. Well, they weren't ready yet so we had to go inside to wait. We headed for the kitchen (because isn't that just where you go when you are waiting for people!?), rounded the corner, and there were all of my peeps yelling, "Surprise!" What? Why are you here? Aren't we going to a restaurant? Yep, they got me! And I never get gotten! I usually catch comments here and there to give it away, but not this time. Thank you to all of my wonderful friends! Ya'll mean the world to me!

If I had known what was happening my surprised look would have looked so much prettier!

Check out these lovely ladies....

Thank you honey! You did good!

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