Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What I learned from a fitness learning experience....

Failure - don't you just hate the word?  How about "learning experience".  I like that much better!  I have had some questions about how the fitness challenge was going.  If you are new around here, I challenged myself and my friend Amy to run 100 miles in the month of January.   We started out great - running almost 23 miles in the first week, and then we had a snow and ice storm in South Carolina.  That's right, in the south when that happens everyting shuts down, including my fitness challenge.  The kids were home from school for 10 days straight, it was freezing, not to mention ice on the roads where we would run.  On top of that, Amy's knee was hurting and my sciatic nerve hurt(stop laughing, I know I sound old!)  so we decided it best to continue running at a more sane pace.  So, we are still running but no longer keeping track of the score.  The lessons I have learned from this little challenge are:

1.  Exercising with a buddy is fun!
2.  Know your limits
3.  I love running when it's cold outside - very invigorating!
4.  When you hurt, listen to your body and rest
5.  It's never a failure when you learn something from the experience.

Okay, life lesson over for today.  Yesterday I did work around the house and just wore sweatpants and sweatshirt, so today I felt like dressing up a little.  I cleaned out my closet this weekend and rediscovered these awesome shoes that I have only worn a few times!  Don't you love when that happens?

striped t-shirt - Target
sweater - Loft
black skinny pants - Kohls
shoes - Loft
necklace - Kohls


  1. Shoes are adorable! You are absolutely not a failure - the only true failure is not even trying.

  2. The ice and snow has attacked my fitness challenge too. Don't despair--spring will be here soon! And how ON EARTH did you forget about those shoes--they're awesome!