Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I need an upgrade!

There are some bloggers out there with truly, wonderful pictures that I so admire.  They have the best cameras, and husbands/boyfriends who are photographers and some are even photographers themselves.  Me, I make do with myself, a timer, and the same ol' camera we've had for years.  We seriously need an upgrade!  But until then, I will keep playing with what I've got.  Today, I attempted some outdoor shots.  This is the only one worth putting on the blog, but hey - at least I got one!  Is there anything in your life that needs an upgrade?

sweater - TJ Maxx
jeggings - Old Navy
boots - Nine West
striped t-shirt - Target
necklace - Handpicked


  1. You and me both sister - point and shoot camera with timer here too! Love the outside shot!

  2. I really adore your outfit. The sweater is so very pretty! Happy day, my dear