Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pop of Red!

Okay, so I put this top on and the jeans and flats, looked in the mirror and thought, "How boring!"  But I really wanted to wear the top because I bought it from the Maxx the other day and it has been begging me to wear it!  So I thought, "What can I do to make this outfit not so boring?"  The answer:  a pop of red!  I threw on a red necklace, red ring, and even painted my nails red.  I don't feel so boring anymore!  And now you know how I like to have conversations with myself!


  1. Nothing like an awesome necklace to spice up an outfit. The perfect addition! (And a very cute top, too.)

  2. Super cute! Great top! I know you wanted to know where I got that embroidered top I wore in my post earlier this week - well it's a super old Tory Burch from back when she had the one shop in NY (and I could afford her stuff) - lol! It is a great top though. Thanks for the sweet comment!