Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Do I look tired to you?

Yesterday I felt very pretty wearing this pink sweater.  It was Valentine's Day and I was sporting a color of love, running around doing sweet things for my three Valentines.  During one of my errands I had to go to Kmart to make a quick exchange, then get to my son's school for his class party.  The lady behind the service counter was very busy making change for the cashiers and dealing with customers, plus she was as slow as Christmas.  In front of me was this sweet little 90 year old women with about 20 items to return.  Ugh!  I know I looked disgusted, because I sure felt disgusted.  And then the angels began to sing as the sweet 90 year old lady said, "Oh, you just have one item?  You should go ahead of me."  I said, "Oh, thank you so much, you are so sweet!"  And then the angels stopped singing and the little old lady said,"Well, you do look a little tired."  (Insert screeching record sound here)  At least my tired self made it to the party on time.

 sweater - The Limited
skinny cargos - Forever 21
chambray shirt - Target
boots - Ecco
necklace - Francescas


  1. Sweetie, don't you know that old Southern ladies say "tired" instead of "pissed as hell"? Just like my mom saying everything looks "lovely." If she says lovely, you better go around and change!

    I think you look super cute!

  2. Isn't it funny how old people have absolutely no sensor on what comes out of their mouths! You don't look tired at all, you look great!

  3. Oh ouch! You don't look tired at all! Loving that necklace.